KH HydraPeptide Masque


KH HydraPeptide Masque


1 oz/30 g 

For all skin types

A nourishing and calming gel mask formulated to hydrate dry, flaky skin. Yields plump, youthful skin while reducing redness and promoting hydration. 

How it works: A concentrated version of our Peptide Gel, the combination of active ingredients in this masque drive moisture deeper into the skin. Routine home application will boost long-term hydration. Paraben free. 

How to use: Apply a generous, even layer to clean skin in treated areas. Allow to penetrate for 10-15 minutes then rinse with warm water. Use as needed for dehydrated skin

Key ingredients:

Sodium hyaluronate - hydrates skin by binding water to the application site
Palmitoyl tripeptide-8 - soothes red, irritated skin
Glycerin – replenishes skin
Panthenol – attracts and holds moisture
Sodium hyaluronate - delivers moisture deep into the epidermis

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