KH Neuro-Immune Cream


KH Neuro-Immune Cream


1.8 oz/120 pumps
For all skin types

This potent nutrient-rich cream helps maximize and aid in: Mood Improvement & Stabilization, Mental Focus & Concentration, Organization Skills, 5 MTHR Mutation, Short Term Memory Loss, Cerebral Folate Deficiency, Hormonal Regulation, Sleep Patterns, Immune Function.

How it works: This unique topical delivery system assures that this pharmaceutical grade Neuro-Immune Stabilizer Cream promotes and enhances the methylation processes needed to improve the production of glutathione, increase Vitamin D levels and allow maximum B12, B6 and vitamin delivery to the nervous and immune systems. 

How to use: One pump twice daily (or as recommended by your healthcare professional) spread onto thin skinned and hairless areas (i.e. wrists, inner arms, inner thighs). Once in the AM and once in the afternoon. Each dosage should average in size to that slightly smaller than a dime.

Key Ingredients:
5-MTHF (5-methyl tetrahydrofolate)
natural vitamin D3

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