KH Retexturize Daily Pads


KH Retexturize Daily Pads


60 Pads 

For all skin types

This daily pad promotes smooth skin texture, even skin tone and the reduction of the appearance of enlarged pores.

How it works: This daily treatment pad enhances skin cell turnover, gently exfoliating dead surface cells to brighten and smooth skin texture and tone, while reducing the appearance of pores and calming redness in the skin.

How to use: Use 1-2 times daily as a toner after cleansing, or use as directed.

Key ingredients:

Nicotinyl trichloroacetamide (TCA) – Brightens and smoothes, enhances skin cell turnover, reduces the appearance of pores

Salicylic acid – gentle exfoliant, sheds build-up of oil and dead surface cells, heightens efficacy and penetration of active acids

Oligopeptide-10 - Anti-Microbial agent that kills bacteria and helps to calm inflammation in the skin

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